Biography of Jacob Felländer

Jacob Felländer is known for his collections of large scale abstract photographs of cityscapes and landscapes captured from around the world. Born in Stockholm in 1974, Felländer studied fine art photography and graphic design at Flagler College in St. Augustine, Florida and at San Diego State University. Felländer began experimenting with landscape photography in the late 1990s.

By 2004, Felländer had perfected a technique using relic film cameras to capture multiple exposures in a single image. Since then, his work has been featured in 15 solo exhibits and in 20 group exhibits in Stockholm and around the world. Felländer has lately had a large solo exhibit at Fotografiska in Stockholm, where he captured the whole world in one image.

In his images of both cities and landscapes, Felländer captures a span of time in one frame, as if the viewer can see space and time skipping erratically, providing many perspectives at once.

Using analogue techniques, his images include the New York City skyline, beaches in Rio de Janeiro, city streets in India, ice sheets in Sweden, sunsets and beaches in South Africa, deserts in California and Nevada, and the surf in Big Sur, California.

selected Solo exhibits


  • Camera Work Conteporary, Berlin, Germany – I am Sticking to my Guns –


  • Hamiltons Gallery, London, UK – Pentimento


  • The Maidstone Garden, New York – I want to live close to you
  • Grythyttan , Sweden – NOWNOWNOW


  • Fotografiska, Stockholm; Sweden – I want to live close to you


  • Fotografiska, (c/o Pontus!) Stockholm, Sweden – Choice
  • Häringe Slott, Stockholm – Big Sur and NOWNOWNOW
  • Foto Galleriet, Visby – NOWNOWNOW
  • The Maidstone Garden, New York – NOWNOWNOW
  • Raoul Wallenberg Torg , Stockholm – NOWNOWNOW
  • Södra Teatern, Stockholm – Butcherd and frozen


  • Skanör Stadshus, Skanör – Stand Still


  • Stockholm Photofair – Big Sur and Drift with Me (Video)
  • Foto Galleriet, Visby – Stand Still and Drift with Me (Video)
  • Berns Salonger, Stockholm – Drift with Me (Video)
  • Gallery Aronowitch, Stockhom – Stand Still


  • East, Stockholm – Big Sur


  • Gamla Posthuset, Stockholm – Choice

Selected Group exhibits


  • Frieze Art fair London , PAD,– Hamiltons Gallery , London, UK
  • Pavillion of Art an Design, London – Featured artist, , London, UK
  • Paris Photo – Hamiltons Gallery, Grand Palais, Paris, France
  • Paris Photo, Camera Work, Grand Palais, Paris, France
  • Paris Photo LA – Hamiltons Gallery, Paramount Studios, Los Angeles, US
  • Photomarket – Fotografiska, Stockholm, Sweden


  • Paris Photo, Hamiltons Gallery, Grand Palais, Paris, France
  • Photomarket, Fotografiska, Stockholm, Sweden


  • Fotografiska Galleriet, Stockholm
  • Konst Akademien – Aronwisch selected works, Stockholm
  • Lars Bohman showroom, Stockholm


  • Nobel Prize Award Cermony, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Fotografiska Fashion, Stockholm, Sweden
  • Fotografiska Grand Opening, Stockholm, Sweden



  • JL Gallery – Stockholm